Our precious Rich passed from this earth to Heaven around 7:00 last night. His battle was a tough one and he fought all he could.

As you can imagine, we are completly consumed with grief right now, but we are thankful that he is no longer in pain.

Thank you for all of the outpouring of love that we have received. We love you all and appreciate your help through this time. We also want to say that we are praying for you as well, all of Rich’s friends and family that love him so very dearly. We are sorry for your loss as well. He touched many more people than he ever could have imagined.

I will post again once theĀ arrangements are made. Thank you all! Comfort each other and above all love each other deeply.


Comments on: "Our Beloved Rich is in Heaven" (2)

  1. Kevin Stafford said:

    Gary and Cindy you guys did an amazing task taking care of Rich in his time of need. You are true friends and family to him and he will be with you in your heart forever and watching over your family.

  2. amy metz said:

    cindi and gary,

    you don’t know me but i was a class mate of rich’s in high school. we hung out a bit and of course all us girls just thought he was the cutest and all had crushes on him. life takes people in different directions and i would run into him here and there and we always talked like we just saw each other a week ago. he was always kind to me and always asked how i was doing and how my kids were. it was wonderful that you took him under your wing and took care of him. again, i don’t know you but can tell you and your husband are good people. thank god he had you!! thank you and take care. amber emmens ( known in high school as amy metz.)

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