Rich update March 23rd

Rich came home from Columbus yesterday, but within a few hours, we could not hardly wake him up. We called the emergency squad and his oxygen level was at 55. To put that in perspective, normal is 95 to 100. If it drops into the 80s, you need to go to the emergency room. They took him to Samaritan ICU and even with oxygen, the levels wouldn’t rise above the 70s, so they gave him a drug to reverse the effects of the morphine. That then sent him into a paranoid state. Needless to say, yesterday was a horrible day.

Today, Gary took him from Samaritan Hospital to see the doctor in Wooster for a consultation and then brought him home to talk about his options. As much as it breaks our hearts, at this point we cannot give him the kind of care he needs here at home. The only available nursing facility was Good Shepherd, so we took him there.

They let him take his playstation and a small t.v., so that made him happy. Once he saw his room and that it wasn’t as scary as a hospital room, he seemed comfortable. He will go back to Wooster tomorrow in hopes of getting the mask fitting done, then they will have a trial run on Friday and begin the chemo and radiation on Monday.

Please pray for Richie…his room number is 152. Thanks all. We are trusting God.


Comments on: "Rich update March 23rd" (2)

  1. Nancy Wasen said:

    Bless your hearts for trying to provide Rich with a safe haven. But I think he is where he can have a safer environment. His cancer is much more serious than most and that’s too much for someone without a degree to handle. At least there, a nurse is in reach.
    I am sure this wasn’t easy for you or Gary but he is where he needs to be for now.
    I really hope anyone reading your blog will put down their cigarettes forever. Let this be a cautionary tale…
    Will be thinking of you and even tho I don’t know Rich; tell him I am sending good vibes his way.
    Was good to run into you yesterday Cindi. You always make me smile.

  2. Thoughts and prayers are with our Richie! Once again, I must say how very fortunate he is to have you, Gary and Tyler in his life and for you to have accepted him as your family. You and Gary need to know you’ve handled this tragedy for as long as you were able to….you are not giving up or quitting on Richie, you are getting him the professional help he needs. People can have all the fame and fortune that this world has to offer but that means nothing if you aren’t blessed with loving, caring and generous friends and family like you. Unfortunately, it takes times like these to make us realize what’s important in life and what we can do without. I am truly blessed to have you in my life and I know Richie feels the same way! You know that I am here for you whenever you need me. I love you Cindi, Gary and Tyler!

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