Gary took Rich today to get ready the masking done for the radiation, but he was so sick and in so much pain that they were unable to do anything. Gary then took him to Ashland’s Samaritan Hospital. They gave him an iv and pain shots (which didn’t help). His white cell count is off, potassium low and he’s dehydrated among other things. Ashland then transported him back to The James in Columbus.

Gary is now in Columbus with Rich. They have got to get this pain under control before they can begin any radiation or chemo. He is at the highest level on the pain patch that he can have at home and the Roxicet is making him sick.

Please pray for Rich, please pray, pray, pray. The cancer has started growing again…to what extent we are unsure, but I imagine that they will be running scans on him now that he is in the hospital.

Thank you! I’ll update when I know anything more.


Comments on: "Rich is back in the hospital" (4)

  1. Marji Daugherty said:

    Cindy, thank you soooo much for keeping us updated.

  2. Nancy Wasen said:

    Oh Cindi, this does not sound good. Are you sure he was feeding himself? Did he put H2O in his feeding tube also? I try and make sure each day if I don’t drink enough water to make sure and get it into my PEG tube.
    Please let me know if I can do anything to help, as I have told you before.

  3. Love and hugs to you all! Thanks for the visit tonight!

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