Change can be good

When we bought our house about 11 years ago, I painted the foyer a pinkish peach color because I had a collection of southwest stuff that I decorated it with. When I was blessed with a baby boy, the southwest stuff was put in the attic for fear of it getting broken, but the pink walls remained.

Then we considered painting the room green, so I painted some of one wall and YUCK! It showed every little bump in the 100 year old plaster and at night it looked black. After that, we hit a series of rough patches…and the ugly foyer stood still with 3 pink walls and one really ugly green wall. It was depressing.

Fast forward many months and we finally decided to buy paint and a border and make the room a happy place again.

Tyler helped

Tyler's buddy Jordan helped too

And now the foyer is a happy place again. We have some trim to put back up and a few more touch-ups, but it is so much better than it was. (Anything would be an improvement). I think we are entering a new season in our lives and change is good!


Comments on: "Change can be good" (3)

  1. Ahhh….I liked the pink ;-(
    Have to admit, though…it does look great.
    Mind if I borrow Ty and his buddy? LOTS of painting needs done here..

  2. Susan, I KNEW you’d be disappointed about the pink being gone. LOL.
    Tyler said he would love to come paint at your house, just let us know when – seriously! We will both come help you. No joke.

  3. Beautiful!! It’s so neat to see Tyler and Jordan right in there, too. Hope Gary is feeling much better! Still praising God for a beautiful celebration of Gus’ life.

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