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It is well with my soul

We buried Gus today. I almost said we “laid him to rest” but that would be a lie because he isn’t “at rest”. He is in heaven and I am sure he is dancing and singing and playing the drums and talking and laughing and worshiping like crazy!

It was a very honorable graveside ceremony. (For those who don’t know, we had Bonnie’s grave opened (his wife) and his ashes were buried right above her casket, as he wanted.) The military honor guard presented a flag to Gary as the only son, performed a 21 gun salute and played Taps. When they gave the flag to Gary, our son Tyler fell apart and sobbed. As his Mom, that broke my heart.

One thing I didn’t expect was to miss Bonnie so much today. She has been in heaven for 11 years, but today I missed her as if she had just passed. She was a wonderful mother-in-law and I love and miss her very much! But I know deep in my heart that they are both in a wonderful, beautiful place and that alone allows me to say “It is well with my soul…”

Thank you for following us on this journey. Our dear friends and family have been the best support and that will carry us through. Happier days are certainly ahead.


Play houses and swing sets

Me and Boo

When I was a little girl, the neighbors down the street had a play house in their back yard. When they got a bit too big for it, their Dad and ours carried it down the street and transplanted it into our back yard, behind our garage. Back in those days having a play house was HUGE ~ unheard of ~ remarkable.

I loved that house! It had a little window on the front and a side window that actually opened up. And being the 70s and the whole Bicentennial craze, it was painted red, white and blue. We would play with Barbie dolls in there and have sleepovers with our friends. It was a much safer time in history, when you could let your kids sleep outside and not worry about them. Then in the winter, we would clear out the toys and put a bail of hay in it and it transformed into a winter home for my rabbit, Snowball.

Then there was the swing set…oh the swing set…we would record songs from the radio onto a cassette player and swing for hours, singing those songs. Looking back, many were quite inappropriate for little girls – like “Torn between two lovers” and “Afternoon Delight”, but we had no idea what we were really singing. It was just fun to be free. The only problem was that if you would swing too high, the swing set would “pump” and the legs would actually lift off of the ground, so it was always a little daring, to get just as high on the swings as possible without tipping the whole thing over. It never dip tip, but it sure felt like it was going to. Kevin lived a few doors down and his swing set was cemented into the ground and never “pumped” so I loved swinging down there too.

Ty recently read “Bridge to Terabithia” in school and then we watched the movie and it reminded me of our own little paradise in our back yard. A safe place to dream and scheme and just be kids. Oh to be a little kid again.

Change can be good

When we bought our house about 11 years ago, I painted the foyer a pinkish peach color because I had a collection of southwest stuff that I decorated it with. When I was blessed with a baby boy, the southwest stuff was put in the attic for fear of it getting broken, but the pink walls remained.

Then we considered painting the room green, so I painted some of one wall and YUCK! It showed every little bump in the 100 year old plaster and at night it looked black. After that, we hit a series of rough patches…and the ugly foyer stood still with 3 pink walls and one really ugly green wall. It was depressing.

Fast forward many months and we finally decided to buy paint and a border and make the room a happy place again.

Tyler helped

Tyler's buddy Jordan helped too

And now the foyer is a happy place again. We have some trim to put back up and a few more touch-ups, but it is so much better than it was. (Anything would be an improvement). I think we are entering a new season in our lives and change is good!


Gus was moved to Hospice today. He is no longer improving. His kids tried to keep him home, but he is pulling at all of his tubes and has removed his oxygen. Hospice agreed that he is nearing the end and it is time – we have every confidence that they will keep him comfortable.

Gus is better!

Gus is much better today! The antibiotics have really worked and the nutrition that they suctioned from his lung did not cause any infection. Because of that, they have resumed the tube feeding.

He is going home tomorrow – to the trailer with Chris, with Hospice care. Hospice is taking a bed there in the morning, and all of the supplies he will need.

The doctor reminded everyone that he will have undoubtedly have more problems, but for today, he is better and for that we are grateful!

Meeting with the doctor…

Yesterday, the doctor at the hospital called Gary to talk about his Dad’s care and then Gary met with his 2 sisters. It was a very tearful night. Then today, we all 4 went to the hospital to have “the meeting” with the doctor.

They have found the right antibiotic and Gus is reacting well to it and having more time awake. However, when they suctioned him, they found the nutrition that they are giving him is reluxing back up and then aspirating into his lung, causing pneumonia. They have not given him anything in his feeding tube for 2 days. He has IV fluids, but no “food”.

The doctor was quite honest, very patient and understanding. He laid out the options and gave his opinion. Needless to say, Gus’ 3 children have a decision to make as to how much more they want done. They are going back tomorrow to make that decision.

Please continue to pray for Gus and his children…for peace, grace, wisdom, patience and strength!

Gus…more prayers please

Gary just called and they are taking Gus back to the hospital. He is running a fever, which they thought was contributed to a urinary tract infection, his blood pressure is low, oxygen levels low, and is not waking up.

Gary’s scared. Please pray for him! Thanks all!!

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