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Gus is o.k. and back at Good Shepherd

They examined the swelling and said that it is similiar to what we know as a “goose egg” from falling again. Maybe a nursing home that does not use restraints isn’t the best for him…decisions to make…


Grandma’s cookies

When I married into this family, the tradition was to make Grandma H.’s sugar cookies for the holidays. One year for Christmas, my mother-in-law made me a cookbook and the recipe was included in the book. After Grandma had passed away, as well as my mother-in-law, Ty and I started making the cookies.

Today was Ty’s last flag football game of the year, so he wanted to make cookies for his team. He did most of the work…making the dough, cutting them out and frosting them. Now before you judge, let me just make it clear that we are not officially Dallas fans – it’s Cleveland in this house, but in flag football, everyone can’t be the Browns. His team this year was assigned as the Cowboys, so we went with the theme.

The coaches made a big fuss over them and that made Tyler proud!

I love making these memories with my boy! And I hope that someday he makes cookies with his kids from his Great-Grandma’s recipe!

It tickled me that when some of the parents were taking pictures after the game, the coach still had a cookie in his mouth. Yum!

Back to the hospital – twice today

Poor Gus – he was confused last night and pulled out his feeding tube, so they took him back to Mansfield to have it reinserted during the night last night. Then they brought him back to Good Shepherd.

Gary went to see him this afternoon. The nurse said that they had found Gus this morning half in his bed and half out. Gary noticed that his head is again swollen on the side of the shunt, so they took him back to Mansfield General, to see if the shunt has become clogged or blocked. I’ll keep you posted as the day progresses…

Gus moved today

A quick update…Gus is being moved to the Good Shepherd nursing facility today. They found another bleed on the opposite side of his head, but it isn’t a clot. The doctor said that he thinks it will drain and be o.k.

The hope is that after about 3 weeks of therapy, he should be able to go home (with visiting nurses). Also, they think that if he is in the dining room with the other residents while they are eating, it may trigger the part of his brain that would remind him of how to eat. He has a feeding tube now, but it could be removed if he could start eating. He could speak a bit better today.

Please continue to pray for his continued forward progress and for strength for his kids. Thank you all for your support!

My Uncle has talent!

My Uncle makes these adorable bird houses and we were lucky enough to be the recipients of some when we went to visit.

First, he sent this adorable green one to me with angels all over it, which is so fitting as we have been studying angels in our Home Bible Fellowship.

He sent Tyler this cool tank.

Then when we visited West Virginia,

he gave Gary this fisherman’s bird house.

And he gave me this orange and blue one – very feminine. I just love it!

He also gave this awesome pirate ship to Tyler!

Look at Ty’s eyes – he was so surprised!

You can guarantee that these are now family heirlooms! I love my Uncle!!

There’s always room for jello!

Gus has had a few bad days lately – either sleeping or crying when he’s awake. They have been talking about giving him a permanent feeding tube.

Then today, he ate Jello! He still can’t drink, but at least he swallowed something. A prayer answered! They may still go ahead with the tube, but for today, we are celebrating.

Ugly yellow coat

I have this ugly yellow coat that I wear year after year. I love this coat! It’s warm, it has a hood, it has big pockets. But people keep making comments like “they won’t lose you with THAT coat on.”

I have other coats. A nice brown dress coat, a rain coat, but none as comfortable or practical as the ugly yellow coat. But I am starting to think that it is past it’s prime. What do you think? Should I bid a fond farewell to my beloved yellow coat this year? I’ll go with the majority vote,

I promise.

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