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What WILL you do?

O.K., so I asked what you most DON’T want to do anymore in heaven. So, now tell me what you are most looking forward to – and not just the obvious answer of seeing Jesus and relatives. Our pastor gave us this question last Sunday and Heather and I had a bit of trouble coming up with our answer. After having some time to think, I guess I am most looking forward to time travel

…plus hearing Jim Croce sing live.

I'll bet I listened to this album at least a few thousand times...


Cartwheels and square dancing

As a child, I could never do a cart-wheel. It’s the strangest thing. I am so UNathletic…I’d bring my report card home with all A’s, except for that one glaring, mocking “C” in physical education. I swear they used bigger print for that grade, too. Just to embarrass me all the more.

Now that I am a bit older (just a bit, mind you), I wish I could go back to elementary school or junior high and ask a friend to teach me how to do a darn cart-wheel. I don’t know if I was really all that uncoordinated, or just afraid of falling.

In junior high, they made us square dance (which I could do half decent), but the gym teacher made the girls line up along the wall and the boys in another line. He’d start at one end of the line and make the boys pick the girl they wanted to dance with. Can you imagine the terror this struck in my brain? Then the next time, he would have the girls pick a boy. What a meanie! My saving grace was a boy named Danny. He picked me once, and then I picked him and every time after that, we were dance partners. I don’t think we ever spoke outside of gym class, as he was a football player and I was, well…definitely not a cheerleader. But, I will never forget his kindness.

Jump forward a few years and God blessed me with a son that LOVES sports. He plays football, basketball and baseball. Shoot, as a baby, he could say “ball” way before he could say “Mom”. I look at this child of mine and appreciate what God has blessed him with. But even more than that, I appreciate that he isn’t afraid to fall down. Good thing, because he does fall down, quite often, but he keeps getting back up and trying again. I love that he does things I can’t, that he isn’t afraid and that he keeps trying. And if he ever has to square dance in junior high, I hope there is a girl there as nice as Danny was to me – to always pick him first.

Gus – Monday

We just got back from seeing him. He is still in insolation because they found a trace of MRSA infection  in his nose. They said that this is common and he is taking an antibiotic for it.

He still cannot speak. He talks as if words are coming out, but it is not words, just sounds. He has a feeding tube in his nose, so we asked if that could be the problem, but the nurse said no. They gave him a breathing treatment while we were there and Gary sees a slight improvement in the fact that he can now cough a little bit. His head is still pretty swollen – they did another scan on Friday and that showed some fluid. We don’t know if or when they will decide to remove that.

He had physical therapy today and was pretty tired, but Gary did get him to laugh. His finger nails are starting to grow a bit and Gary said “I bet you would love to get those fingers up to your mouth so you could chew your nails” and he found that pretty funny.

Thanks for your support. It’s going so slow, but Gary is going to call the doctor tomorrow and ask him what “normal” is. Hopefully we will know more then.

Gus’ baby steps

Gus seems to be a bit better this morning. He can now squeeze your hand and cross one foot over the other while lying down. Also, his speech is showing a small bit of improvement. Thank you God! Baby steps are milestones for him at this point.

What won’t you do?

Ya’ll, when I get to Heaven, I am NOT going to shave my legs anymore!
How about you? What are you most looking forward to NOT doing in Heaven?

Gus Update

Yesterday was a tough day. He was still unable to speak and has very, very little hand or leg movement. He is still being fed through a tube in his nose and down to his stomach. Gary, Jean and Chris are having a very tough time seeing him like this. It is as if he is trying to say something and just can’t – like he is trapped.
Gary called Pastor Norm from GBC and he went to see him right away. This made Gus cry.

Today, Gary spoke with an attending at the hospital and explained that he wants his Dad evaluated. The swelling on his head is slightly larger. He seemed to understand the family’s concern and said that it will be addressed…probably not over the weekend, but on Monday.

Two of Gus’ dear friends from high school traveled down from Lodi today to see them. It was very touching. We weren’t sure if this would be a good or bad thing for him. He probably didn’t want his buddies to see him in this condition, but on the other hand, perhaps seeing his friends will help him rally.

This is Gus at Lodi High School

Gary tried to work with him on his speech. He started with just the letter A and Gus tried to say it. Then they went to B. When they got to C, he was just too exhausted and fell asleep. He had a big morning, so perhaps a nap is what he needed.

Thank you again for your support! It is so appreciated!! I’ll update again as soon as anything changes.

The "Office"

When I was about 12, I spent a few weeks with my Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob in West Virginia. I had so much fun and Aunt Rose got me the Toni Tennille haircut I was dying for. I know, I know…showing my age. Anyways, my favorite memory has to be Uncle Bob coming home for lunch and telling Aunt Rose that he was taking me with him back to “the office”. We would then head to his favorite watering hole and I would eat pepperoni rolls and drink orange pop all afternoon. I never did see where he really worked and I often wondered if he ever told Aunt Rose what we did.

My Mom and StepDad are back in West Virginia this weekend for her class reunion. She called today to tell me that they were at Uncle Bob’s “Office”. Awwww…to have another one of those pepperoni rolls would be divine.

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